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Professional restaurant and bar equipment

Company ALMABAR Ltd. is founded in year 2005, as an entirely private company. The company succeeded in quickly establishing itself in the field of professional restaurant and bar equipment.

As of this moment ALMABAR Ltd. is official representative of appliances for bar and restaurant equipment of leading Italian and German companies, spare parts for it, as well as full range of vending machines.

Due to the “VENDING” machine penetration in our everyday life, we keep a large stock of spare parts for the various trademarks ZANUSSI, SAECO, RHEA VENDORS and BIANCHI.

ALMABAR Ltd. is settled with a shop, warehouse, show-room and service center for professional machines designated for public catering establishments, restaurants, eateries, locals, coffee-confectionaries, bars, supermarkets etc.

We provide delivery, installation, warranty and off warranty service in accordance with the individual needs and requirements of every our client.

All our appliances conform to the requirements of the European Union, and are accompanied with the respective certificates.

The warranty period of the machines and equipment is 1 year, as they are equipped with all the spare parts necessary in the warranty and off warranty period.

ALMABAR Ltd. team is a motivated and experienced staff, comprised of professionals with innovative thinking.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site of company ALMABAR Ltd., which is created to be maximally comprehensive in order to be useful, when making your choice. We remain at your service regarding clarifications of any kind.

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                                               ALMABAR Ltd. – we are working for you!!!

ALMABAR Ltd. with business activity – design, delivery and installation of equipment for bars, restaurants, cafes, ale-houses, eateries, canteens, groceries, supermarkets, hotels and many other.

Our commercial activity does not involve solely equipment for places of resort, as we provide warranty, as well as off warranty service for our clients and their needs.

The company has highly motivated specialists, who can offer the best technical solutions, according to your correct requirements and respond up to 24 hours from placing the order.

ALMABAR Ltd. is settled with own show-room, specialized show-room for professional equipment, one of a kind, installation and maintenance center in Sofia and representative offices in larger Bulgarian cities.

Huge variety and stocks of spare parts for the equipment offered by us, as well as for every kind of espresso machines and vending automates. Gradually widening the range, at the moment our list of items covers almost the whole spectrum of equipment sold in the country. In this way we provide our clients with a complete product, from the idea, execution, and warranty and off warranty maintenance.

                                                           Excellent quality at reasonable prices!

Our most important quality is dedication towards the client, as this is namely the key to a successful partnership. The latter is a reality at our company. ALMABAR Ltd. has its own specialized vehicles, buses and trucks, especially equipped for the purpose, maintenance center, and well trained and highly motivated specialists. Thank to our partners on the territory of the whole country, we are capable of removing any problem occurred.

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it is of immense honor for us that you took of your time to visit our internet site. We have tried hard for you to be able to find answers to your questions, however we would be happy if you contact us directly and visit our show-room, where you can see the full range of products we offer.


    • Professional kitchen electrical and gas appliances – stoves, grills, grates, deep fryers, warming drawers, combi stemer ovens, gas boiling pans, cook tops etc. Dishwashers, neutral and refrigerator equipment.
    • Machines for preliminary food processing – vegetable cutters, potato peelers, slicers with sharpening mechanism, cutters, meat-mincers, meat belt-saw, etc.
    • Professional bar equipment – coffee-machines, coffee-grinders, fruit squeezers, shakers, frappe machines, cream, mixers, hot, cold and neutral display cabinets, glass-washers, ice cube machines, etc.
    • Fast food bar equipment – deep fryers, contact-grills, grates, tosters, etc.
    • Complex pizzeria equipment – spiral mixers, dough-kneaders, ovens – standard and conveyor, machines for Italian pasta, Bain Marie, salad bars, trays, large baking dishes, etc. Equipment for bakery and pastry production – spiral and planetary mixers, dough dividers and rounders, dough moulders, intermediate provers, coating machines, ovens, convection ovens, baking dishes and etc..
    • Due to the “VENDING” machine penetration in our everyday life, we keep a large stock of spare parts for the various trademarks ZANUSSI, SAECO, RHEA VENDORS and BIANCHI.
    • Stocks available of spare parts for the full range espresso machines.
    • We prepare offers and special propositions, individual for every client.
    • Certificates for match, responding to the standards of the latest requirements of the European Union – HACCP.
    • All appliances, offered by us are joined by instruction for exploitation.
    • Production of neutral equipment according to your space and needs.
    • Service center and authorized team.

                                                            More reasons to choose ALMABAR Ltd.:

    • Quality: Machines and equipment, famous for high quality production, accompanied with international certificates. ALMABAR Ltd provides its clients with all instructions for correct usage of equipment and materials.
    • Maintenance: Warranty for all machines and equipment. The maintenance department of ALMABAR Ltdguarantees high professional service.
    • Experience: Young, intelligent and ambitious manager team, willing to work in the sector, and always ready to help you in your choice of equipment and materials.

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